Position Statements & Consultation Documents

Position Statements & Consultation Documents

Here are the presentations from the VicTAG Education Webinar held after the Annual General Meeting 2023:

Check Again: Improving antibiotic treatment options for patients with penicillin allergy - Misha Devchand, Safer Care Victoria

Improving childhood asthma management inner west pilot project a- Rachel Vorlander, Safer Care Victoria

VicTAG framework for the implementation and integration of automated dispensing cabinets - Viviane Khalil, Monash Health

VicTAG framework for the management of Schedule 9, Schedule 8 and Schedule 4D medications - Cynthia Donarelli, Northern Health

Medication safety assessment of pharmaceutical products - Rowena Treseder, Alfred Health

VicTAG medication safety alerts and 2023 highlights - Connie Yin, VicTAG


Thank you to all our presenters at the event.